We offer intensive online and in-class training of high standard yet very affordable


BEGINNER’S PROGRAM: you don’t need to know how to use a needle and thread to enroll for this program. 

We take you through the basics of fashion design with close supervision until you are able to create patterns and makes your own designs.

This intensive training involves class works, assignments, weekly assessments and projects which will run for 3 months.


This course requires basic knowledge and skill in fashion design.

You must have passed through a fashion training basic program for at least 3months, and you are able to make simple dresses without supervision.

This course broadens your knowledge and takes you through technical and intensive training on complete interfacing, suits, cupped princess dresses, padded dresses, jumpsuits etc.


This program requires you to have at least 6months experience in fashion design.

This program is designed to improve the quality of your output and give you an edge in the fashion business as you learn about the business of fashion.

Intensive training in bridal dresses, corsetry, origami, structured dresses etc.